The NSCP Connects Compliance Professionals with Local Roundtables

Recognized as a Super Lawyer for three consecutive years, Sylvia M. Scott currently serves as a partner and the head of the Securities Regulation Practice Group with Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP, in Los Angeles. Sylvia M. Scott offers guidance on new and changing compliance regulations as a subcommittee member with the National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP).

The NSCP provides a number of services for its members, including assistance with creating or finding an existing Roundtable in major cities around the nation. Comprised of local compliance professionals, Roundtables offer professional development and networking opportunities through group meetings designed to supplement online resources and industry conferences. Many Roundtables gather on a quarterly basis, and members reflect that the meetings are among the top ways to remain current in the field.

While the NSCP doesn’t actually host these events, it does partner with autonomous Roundtables nationwide that typically accept new members. The NSCP states that local Roundtables provide numerous benefits to participants because they are often more intimate and interactive than large conferences. Roundtable meetings explore subjects in greater depth and allow members to exchange redacted reports.


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