UCLA Law Alumni Survey on Educational and Professional Experiences

Image: law.ucla.edu

Sylvia M. Scott represents financial advisors and brokers as a partner at Freeman Freeman and Smiley, LLP, where she also serves as the head of the firm’s Securities Regulation Practice Group. Prior to working in securities regulation and litigation, Sylvia M. Scott earned a juris doctor from the University of California Los Angeles, School of Law (UCLA Law).

UCLA Law recently announced that two faculty members launched a groundbreaking survey of UCLA Law alumni in an effort to evaluate how law school readies students for different professional endeavors and how these graduates handle current challenges in the market. Backed by the Law School Admissions Council and the National Science Foundation, the survey project is designed to investigate the occupations and educational experiences of graduates from six California law schools, including UCLA, Stanford, Santa Clara, and UC Berkeley.

The survey information will be used to improve professional support programs for UCLA Law alumni and refine the school’s training of future legal professionals. In addition to helping UCLA improve, the survey results will be accessible to bar leaders and other legal educators, who can then use the information to develop better professional and educational opportunities in the legal field.


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