Tips for Giving a Speech in a Professional Setting

Giving a Speech pic
Giving a Speech

Sylvia Scott is a Los Angeles-based attorney with over 30 years of experience in the legal sector. Apart from her work as a lawyer and partner with Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP, attorney Sylvia Scott has given speeches on topics related to the securities industry at several professional conferences in the past.

Giving a speech to a large audience in a professional setting can seem like a difficult task, but a few tips can help make the process much easier and more enjoyable for your audience. For example, if you find yourself nervous beforehand, take the opportunity to walk through the room and make brief conversation with a few audience members. Familiarizing yourself with a handful of faces in the crowd may help you feel more comfortable looking out and making eye contact with the group as you speak.

At the beginning of your speech, establish a strong, confident stage presence to set the tone for your presentation. Making your way to the heart of the subject matter as soon as possible will keep audience members engaged. Similarly, try to remain cognizant of how fast you are speaking and try to rely on note cards and other written material as little as possible.

A strong conclusion to your speech will leave a lingering impression. Depending on the subject of your address, consider closing with a statement that uses contrast, rhetorical questions, or a call to action to drive your point home.


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