About Sylvia M. Scott

Nationally recognized law firm Freeman, Freeman, and Smiley, LLP, prides itself on putting its clients first in all of its endeavors. The firm’s team of legal professionals focuses on staying efficient and accessible in order to keep costs down and provide high-quality work. Freeman, Freeman, and Smiley delivers a full suite of legal services to clients in the United States and abroad. The firm is known for honesty, integrity, and consistent ethical solutions.

While Freeman, Freeman, and Smiley provides numerous types of legal assistance, two of its greatest strengths are financial services and regulatory law. The firm has been recognized across the United States for its skill in representing securities professionals dealing with regulatory actions or needing broker-dealer employment counseling. Its attorneys, many with previous experience in financial law, can also help clients comply with rules and regulations; respond to inquiries by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; and provide forensic investigations to determine whether wrongdoing has occurred.

Freeman, Freeman, and Smiley also offers a full range of business transaction services. The firm has managed numerous transactions from beginning to end and employs eight attorneys who focus specifically on business law. For start-ups and emerging companies, the firm assists with choosing and forming business entities, designing shareholder agreements, preparing documentation for private capital initiatives, negotiating and structuring alliances, and dealing with venture capitalists or institutional financiers. For larger companies, it can provide a host of other business services, including tax planning, dispute resolution, franchising assistance, advice on partnerships and alliances, and resolution of financial troubles.


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