BTI Power Rankings Reveal Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships

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BTI Power Rankings

Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP attorney and partner and lawyer Sylvia Scott leads the firm’s Securities Regulation Practice Group and maintains a reputation of successfully representing clients in a variety of securities regulation and litigation cases. Sylvia Scott’s firm also received recognition from the BTI Power Rankings 2016: The Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships, for which it landed in the top five percent in the financial services industry.

The BTI Power Rankings provides recognition to firms that place the client first and go above and beyond to form strong bonds with their clients. It analyzes direct feedback from corporate counsel and examines the strength of firm-client relationships in 16 industries using in-depth interviews. Relationship strengths are measured through three criteria; which businesses clients name as their go-to companies, which firms clients most recommend to peers, and which firms receive both recommendations and commendations from clients.

The final criteria falls under a BTI classification known as Clientopia, which the organization considers the ideal state of a client relationship. Law firms that reach the Clientopia level continue to win work from existing clients while simultaneously earning the respect of new ones. Therefore, a strong client relationship gives the firm a competitive edge and serves as a market differentiator.

Studies conducted in order to identify and rank companies on the BTI Power Rankings use independent funding and rely completely on interviews with C-level executives and service leaders, such as general counsel, chief audit officers, and chief financial officers.

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